From October 15, 2021 to April 10, 2022,Triennale Milano and Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain present Raymond Depardon: La vita moderna.

La vita moderna is the largest exhibition of the artist who, since the 1970s, has profoundly revitalised the world of the contemporary image. Specially created for Milan, the exhibition reveals, through many of his most emblematic series,how much Italy inhabits his work.

Under the general direction of Hervé Chandès, La vita moderna was conceived with the participation of the artist Jean-Michel Alberola and set against a scenographic backdrop designed by Théa Alberola.

Photo Courtesy:Triennale di Milano

Sharing a common vision of creation and the desire to transform the exhibition space into a place of reflection on the great challenges of our time, the two institutions have chosen, for the third exhibitionin the programme, to dedicate over 1300 m2 of exhibition space to the work of a photographer-filmmaker who travels the world,through cities and countryside, giving a voice to their inhabitants and casting a humanist gaze on the world.

Constantly searching for the ideal distance from them, Raymond Depardon approaches his subjects with discretion and humility, patiently building a relationship with people or places, giving a voice to those who have none, showing each landscape as the site of a human experience through the lens of a camera or camcorder. His first images took him to Chad and Lebanon, from the north of the American continent to the south, to deserts and countries at war, when photojournalism was his way of travelling the world and engaging with reality. As a young reporter with the Dalmas agency, he was one of the co-founders of the legendary Gamma photo agency in 1966 and, a decade later, began working with Magnum, of which he is still a leading member today.

Photo Courtesy: Triennale di Milano

Presenting himself as “a passenger of [his] time”, he experiments with different ways of approaching the world – first with photography, then filmmaking – placing the image, whether still or animated, at the service of a simple, unique, often direct narrative.

Whether he is following a politician on an election campaign or a farmer in his daily life, whether he is visiting a courthouse or a mental hospital, Raymond Depardon is able to stand back and make room for the subject, without chasing the defining moment and preferring the real to the sensational. This way of experiencing the world, at first expressed through photojournalism, then, from the end of the 1970s, through more personal photographic series, gives him a special place in the history of photography and cinema.

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Photo Courtesy. Triennale di Milano
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