Galería Patricia Ready, in collaboration with Yávar Art Projects, is proud to present the first solo show of emerging Chilean artist Fernando Peñaloza, titled “Róbate el cielo” (Stealing Heaven). This initiative is financed by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage through its Support Program for Collaborating Cultural Organizations.

Born and raised in Puente Alto, Santiago, Peñaloza presents a collection of paintings that allude to the daily life of a street culture that, according to the artist, “is governed by violence, vices and crimes”.

His work seeks to translate into painting images that show crude but common situations of this street culture.

These images come from a personal archive that portrays their environment, and from internet screenshots that show a reality and popular identity that has been constructed as a result of the exclusion of certain sectors of society.

Peñaloza’s show consists of more than a dozen pictorial works made with water-based enamel, latex, acrylic paint, ink, and spray on wood, combining with craft techniques taken both from the street and Academia in order to represent images of the reality of a sector where, in the artist’s words, “death is a constant factor and a much more frequent one than most people think”, hence the title of the show, “Róbate el cielo”, (literally translated as steal the sky/Heaven, a phrase used to say goodbye to someone linked to the criminal world when he dies.)

“I’m interested in showing a reality that, although for a sector of society is very close and familiar, for others, is something very distant and unknown. I seek to communicate how the deficiencies, the precariousness, and the scarce presence of the state in the neighborhoods, give way to the formation of this street subculture. In addition, my work always tries to reflect on what is the true meaning of prisons in Chilean culture, which seem to have reintegration into society as their last priority.”

Posted by:Hot__Creative Studio