Born in England and living in Canada, Costello’s artworks often blur the line between painting, sculpture and installation.

The work of the artist explores the complexities of the human condition, our quirks and fears, our moments of loneliness and joy, our ways of moving, identifying and representing ourselves.

Children’s world of play is a common thread in much of her works, a realm where reality readily gives way to and confuses with imagination.

“My works are often comical. But they also raise unsettling questions about our place in the world and the formation and meaning of cultural identities and stereotypes. I believe art is a reflection of our times. Perhaps, it helps us understand and cope with the world.”

Photo Courtesy. Violet Costello
Art in America (Bringing Home Baby series) 2020,122 X 152 cm, acrylic on canvas

In 2020 she won the “Mother Art Prize 2020 “online award, with an online solo exhibition with Richard Saltoun Gallery. Launched by Procreate Project, the award aims to support the development of contemporary artists who are also mothers, working across multiple disciplines.

“I find inspiration in many areas: the work of other artists, world events, pop culture, art history, people watching, dreams, nightmares, even a single word. I have also been inspired by being a mother. “

Violet Costello explores the comlexities of human condition
Photo Courtesy: Violet Costello
Getting Big 2017, 16 paintings and 16 sculptures, mixed media

Like many creatives, Violet Costello has represented many frailties that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on us.

“Dog Park 2020” is a reflection of the madness of 2020 and her own anxieties about the world.

“I soon will start a new painting. I am feeling a little more hopeful about 2021, so it might be another park with dogs but a little sunnier.”

Photo Courtesy. Violet Costello
Dog Park 2020, 122 X 152 cm, acrylic on canvas


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