The Parisian space of contemporary art, Lafayette Anticipations, will host from from 20nd October 2021 to 02nd January 2022 a retrospective dedicated to the artistic imagination of the Belgian designer Martin Margiela. An exhibition that will gather the continuous obsession of the designer for the transformation.

For his first solo show, Lafayette Anticipations invites Martin Margiela to take possession of and transform every one of its spaces.

Martin Margiela has always changed the way we see. Going against the tide of dominant values, he cultivates an obsession for discreet beings, forgotten objects, overlooked places and events that he instils with new dignity. By refocusing our perspectives, he transforms the banal and the trivial into a source of wonderment and surprise.

His work has, since the 1980s, metamorphosed fashion, constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility through shows, materials and forms that became conceptual and aesthetic revolutions.

Photo Courtesy: LaFayette Anticipations

The exhibition at Lafayette Anticipations, which is designed as a total artwork, carries on Martin Margiela’s obsession with transformation. It brings together numerous previously unseen works, most of which were made in the Foundation’s workshop, on themes that have always inspired him: the passage of time, disappearance, chance, mystery, aura.

In a typically iconoclastic way, Martin Margiela works with multiple media to reveal, for the first time in public, an obsession with art that began in his teenage years.

The show champions the idea that Martin Margiela has always been an artist whose work has been permanently on display both inside and outside the art world.

It also reveals a powerful vision that ceaselessly questions our perspectives on the world and suggests how we might see it in new ways.

Curator : Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

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