After a season of absence from Paris Fashion Week, Guram Gvasalia and his creative collective are back with a collection of 165 looks demonstrating to the world that “Vetements is not dead”.

Whether you like it or not, Zurich-based brand Vetements returns to French fashion week lightened by a somewhat cumbersome past.

In this period of absence, the creative collective has managed to regain its inner harmony after the departure of Demna Gvasalia. For the next fall |winter they have proposed to the whole world a collection in its true original essence taking elements of different worlds and merging them into a new, more ironic and more mature vision.

Shoulder pads ,references to football, but also anarchist symbols and prohibition to be part of the mainstream system strikes while watching the lookbook of the collection.These elements are combined with tailoring pieces out of size, workwear, reflective vests, duvets and floral dresses.

T-shirts with slogans like “Think while its still legal” , “I like long walks and sex before marriage” and”I like faitytales and financial stability” have already been added to the wishlists of all over the world.

To complete the presentation of the collection is added the vision of the photographer Gio Staiano.

A lookbook as a real journey of purification that starts from a photographic set that recalls iconographic representations of the hell of the paintings of the ‘500 , passing through an earthly landscape and to complete the journey in the brightest skies.

Vetements version of Inferno ,Purgatorio and Paradiso of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

Guram Gvasalia and his team have freed themselves from a cumbersome past and with a new creative solidity are ready to look ahead and question,destroy all the mainstream models and with their iconoclastic style make their voice heard in the fashion scene again.

Posted by:Hot__Creative Studio