Refaire-Paris is a Paris-based brand founded by Alberto Annibali. A brand that has in his DNA values such as recuperation, uniqueness, luxury manufacturing, exclusive pieces and fine materials.

Sustainable fashion has never been talked about as much as it is nowdays.

Consumers increasingly aware and demanding are no longer satisfied with beautiful garments to wear but want to know how these garments are produced and make sure that the ways, times and places of production do not contribute to deteriorating the environmental conditions of the planet and the working conditions of the staff production worker.

After having worked in important experiences at brands like Versus|Versace, Gianfranco Ferrè and Valentino, Alberto Annibali needed to create his own brand that could reflect his creative point of view and that could be suited to his pace of producing fashion.

Editor – Hi Alberto ! I am very happy to do this interview and know more about  Refaire-Paris .

Alberto Annibali – Thanks again for the great opportunity you give me to talk about my work.

Editor – Can you tell us about your background? How did you get started in fashion?

Alberto Annibali – I’ve always loved fashion since the age of 6 and the first time I felt the desire of being in this world was when I saw a photo by Richard Avedon for Versace. I remember I asked my grandmother  to teach me how to sew. She used to be a seamstress.

My father was  the Ceo of a couture house in Rome, Italy (city where I was born)  and for me was the perfect way to play as a kid. I can say I was the little “mascot “of the atelier; all the seamstress were taking care of me and I discovered how beautiful was their work.

“Create a pattern, cutting fabrics, sewing, draping. I used to collect all the left over fabrics and play by my self, stitching by hands all of them and pretending I was a tailor!  I guess it was in that time that I decided I wanted to do that job in my life.”

EDITOR – Refaire-Paris: How was it born?

Alberto Annibali – Almost 2 years ago I decided to leave the company where I was working; I wasn’t happy, I needed to be myself and express what I was feeling inside and make it my way.

I wanted to work in different way from the fashion system, more adapted to our time . It’s when I decided to start an upcycling concept to avoid all the waste and mass production fashion so creating so far.

It was also a way to come back to my roots.

When I was a teenager, I used to cut sleeves, shorten jackets, change buttons, add patches, coming from old trousers (and so on) to make every item different, unique, personal.  Even old clothes from my brother and my father for le were gold, material to work on.

“My Grand mother was young during the World War II. And she told me that  because of the poverty, she used to create her dresses, coats and any kind of clothing  using all she had in her hands. Could have been old curtains, old bedsheets,  table cloths, I mean everything  she used to find.”

Editor – How do expect your fashion house to evolve?

Alberto Annibali– The concept of the brand is to adapt to the enormous waste we find around. I create from what I find, not from what my ego tells me to do. So I don’t come with a plan of exponential growth, it would be against the concept of the brand. I would like to have faithful costumers looking for  limited series or rather unique pieces, made in Paris.  Develop collaborations with other brands, creative people in particular with the musicians and performers.

Editor – How do you feel about the notion of hype? Do you need it to succeed today?

Alberto Annibali – The most important thing is to be unique, different. I thinks we are in a moment where this concept is getting clearer and clearer.

What I am trying to do then is to let REFAIRE be itself through my ideas,  my emotions, my experience through  not looking at what others do. It is already done. I am not them and so they are not me.

Everybody wants to be popular now, doesn’t matter how, but how you do things is the main concern, more than becoming popular.  BE instead pretend to be. LIVE instead to pretend living others life.

“REFAIRE a brand with no ego. What is created depends on what I find, on who I meet, on what people bring me, on what we experience together.

I let it be and express itself.”

Editor – We saw your Instagram profile full of beautiful black and white images: Were the photos taken by you?

Alberto Annibali ­-Thank you! Yes, I love taking pictures. I always did since I was a teenager and I decided to take myself the photos for REFAIRE. I thought it was easier for me to represent exactly what I have in my mind at the beginning. But I will keep doing it, it is so good to change point of view, look at your work with different eyes. It really can be inspiring for keep going.At the same time I love let other photographers shot photos of the clothes and let them completely free to express what they feel.

Clement Philippe, did an amazing work with his still life photos and I love so much his vision and elegance.

Same thing for Justin Chiron who has a more a street and realistic vision of fashion. He is so talented and as well the co-founder of REINER-UPCYLING.COM the market place dedicated to French upcycling fashion that also helps me ( and other creatives) with the marketing and sales strategy.

Editor – What message do you have for this 2021 that has just began after spending such an important year for the experience of our society?

Alberto Annibali – We need to be more realistic, see what is happening around the world, the environment, the massification of everything. We need to be aware of how dangerous we can be and give instead more value to things, people and events, care about each others. Be real and stop pretend that nothing can touch us. I wish for and from this new year we all can all find a sense of humanity, and respect for each other.

We only live once and we all have the right to live well.

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