Marion Sagon depicts our world in an assembly of interchangeable shapes. Through man’s drastic actions our environment has been transformed irreversibly, she remasters our landscapes into compositions more satisfying than the real.

Born in 1983 in France, Marion Sagon works between France, the Netherlands and England.

Her approach consists in a questioning around the notion of landscape and architecture. In her paintings, she plays at manipulating landscapes/man built and their features. She deconstructs and remodels our environment to create new colorful worlds.

How does man, by appropriating nature, “geo-master” his environment?

“I would say my work is very intuitive. I am of course unconsciously inspired by a

lot of artists but I do not intently use it in my work. What does inspire me most, I would say, is cityscapes and specially the city skirts:  factories, warehouses and simple building stories…It does not easily strike people as being aesthetic but my

view is different. I do appreciate their minimalism and playfulness and I love making them fancy and attractive to everyone.”

She also questions the digital era through installations with digital aspects, enriched by samples from 3D software and Google image. She attempts to create bridges between the real space and that of the digital. Her sculptures, exact copies of 3D models representing simplified natural elements, seem brought back from virtual worlds and compose, like generic souvenirs or digital artefacts, a sort of archeology of the future.

“My influences? It is hard to be precise on that question. There is so many personal,societal, political dimensions that can influence an artist’s practice. However, thinking of my own work, I would say that the fact I started to hike and climb at a very youngage has influenced my taste for sharp landscapes. Also, there is a lot of cement factories in the region I am coming from, I have always found them compelling. At my very first assignment in Fine Art school, we were asked a self-portrait and I created a 3D factoryscape, it came naturally to me and the idea never left.”

Posted by:Hot__Creative Studio