Oluwole Omofemi  is an artist born in the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria where his artistic talent comes to life .

 Omofemi shared his early life with his grandfather who was his major influence and give him a strong attitude about life .

Despite oppositions from his family who wanted him to become an electrician, as a child, Omofemi loved to display his creativity through  infantile drawings on the floor. He Not only experienced some difficulty in his childhood,due to the death of his mother, but he also faced periods of loneliness. These helped deepen his artistic vision and provided sources of inspiration for his creativity.

As a young child was naive to the art world ,I have always to loved to create crafts from cartoons and cans back in my primary school days ,I create cars ,boxes and some other artworks using these various Media I could find around then.It was also something interesting for me to also create some drawings on the wall and sad just to express my creativity ,so I belived art has always been part of me since I was a child.

His artworks are interested in historical and socio political themes where frequently resonates with a deep appreciation of African fashion where he discovered againg a forgotten style with a touch of his african pride. Acrylics and oil paintings are his media for vibrant expressive creations.

It aims to harness the influence of visual art to improve the lot of children and revive the overlooked beauty of black African fashion. Her works depict powerful images of everyday life and seek to correct the social vices that are spreading in society.

A lot of female figures that the artist sees as close to God, in their ability to love, accept and forgive.

“African Art has more depth since it is often a portrayal of sometime complex personal experiences. My mind continues to resonate with childhood experiences that proved material for his arts. “

In Omofemi’s work, hair stands as a metaphor for freedom. Sometimes it spills over the edge of the canvas, while in others, it dominates the composition, becoming larger than the subject itself.

He believes  art has  a functional role in society  to correct vices, to reveal the messages in the mind of the artist, and as a record of the past.

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